The „black list“ of banned airlines within the EU

Each year, the European Union (EU) releases its latest Air Safety List, which is comprised of airlines that don't meet international safety standards and are therefore either banned from operating in the region or must operate under what's known as Annex B restrictions.

The EU Air Safety List actually contains two lists. The first list (Annex A) includes all airlines banned from operating in Europe. The second list (Annex B) includes airlines that are restricted from operating under certain conditions in Europe. Both lists are updated regularly and published in the Official Journal of the European Union. Before taking any action based on the information in these lists, all users should ensure they have the latest version.

The EU Air Safety List seeks to ensure the highest level of air safety for European citizens, which is a top priority of the Aviation Strategy adopted by the region in December 2015. 

Before you fly, it may be a good idea to see what airlines are simply not considered to fly with. Download the list air-safety-list_en and most important look up if flying domestic in one of the countries were restricted airlines operate- to simply avoid them. Be sure to only book through authorized airlines and vendors or you could end up stranded abroad.

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